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When is onion ready to harvest


This is a very interesting and amazing fact when is onion ready to harvest? Most people asked this question the real and interesting fact is that when a few weeks pass away after growing the onion you can harvest them or when they are big enough to suit you or useable you can harvest them in Indian villages the people start harvesting and using after half mature onion. When the bulbs of the onion start fattening up and the top becomes yellow then after a few days you should harvest your onion.

When is Indian onion ready to harvest:

Mostly there is two harvesting seasons to harvest Indian onion first starts from November to January and the second cycle of harvesting start from January to May. The first season of Indian onion harvesting starts in November; the season is very cool and the price of onion is remarkably high. In the second cycle which starts from January to May, there is two parts of the season growing season is cool and the harvesting season is hot.

When is spring onion ready to harvest:

Spring onion starts sowing in January and harvests within eight weeks when the bulb is still small less than 2.5 cm and the plant is 15-20 cm long. If you need the onion to use you can pull the plants by hand using a hand fork or trowel if you needed. After eight weeks of sowing the onion are as long as they just useable but the most suitable time is more than eight weeks and after that, the onion is enough long and thick.

When is green onion ready to harvest:

In late spring May or Jun your green onion is ready to harvest, they will be banded together this is how the small bulb is maintained. You should harvest your green onion when it reached a height of 6-8 inches and half an inch in diameter or more if your onion is smaller the diameter is more suitable for the taste but the texture is too rough. If your onion is smaller in diameter, it will be easy to store and maintain for more time than the onion which consists of a larger diameter.

When is red onion ready to harvest:

This is another interesting and amazing fact that when the red onion ready to harvest and when they grow or sowing the right answer is that your red onion should be ready in later August and early October. The sign of harvesting the green onion is that when your bulbs are large and the leaves of your red onion starting yellow or start to fall over. You should stop watering the red onion when their leave become 10% yellow.

When is yellow onion ready to harvest:

The process of planting the yellow onion is larger than the planting process of ordinary onion the ordinary onion is ready or mature within eight weeks and more about the yellow onion matures after five months of seeds planting when the yellow onion bulbs start maturing and you should pull the onion and when the tops of the red onion leaves start yellow and dry lay them on the ground and shake the soil which is attached to them.

When is white onion ready to harvest:

Normally white onion takes three to five months to muter and ready to harvest it totally depend upon the climate and the look after the guardians if the weather is good means suitable for the requirement of the white onion it will be ready within three months and if the weather does not suit the white onion it will take up to five months to mature and ready to harvest as like other onion the white onions start harvesting when its tops become yellow or dry then it should check whether the bulbs of the white onion is normal or not. If the bulbs of the white onion have diameter ½ inch then it’s the normal size and you should harvest the onion.

When sweet onion is ready to harvest:

Sweet onion does not mean sugar its means that the onion has less sulfur content. This type of onion is mostly planted in Georgia and Vidalia this type of onion is milder smoother and more taster than other ordinal onions the sowing and harvesting of the sweet onion are trickly and need more expertise than other onions the time frame of the sweet onion is late summer and it should be given maximum time to fatten up the bulbs you can grow them in autumn and harvest them in the mid-winter their taste their quality will be best and the sulfur content is less they mostly use in the salad purpose.

Types of Indian onion:

All the types of onions which we have discussed on the above page their conclusion is that these all types are available in the Indian marketplace and the quality of Indian onion is too much better than the type of other onion in the world India is the country which has all the onion types like red, yellow, white, sweet, brown, etc. India is one of the best suitable market places in the world they have all the tastes and types of onions.


India is one of the world’s leading producers of onions, and its production is constantly growing. This means that there is always a reliable supply of onions available, no matter what the season.

Importing onions from India can have a number of benefits for those who are looking to get their onions in a more affordable and sustainable manner.

Onions are a staple in many countries around the world, and they are a popular vegetable to import from India. In fact, the country is one of the leading sources of onions in the world.

There are a number of reasons why importing onions from India can be beneficial. For one, onions are a common food item in many countries, and Indian onions are often cheaper than those in other countries. Additionally, onions are a sustainable crop, and importing them from India can help to keep prices down.

Importing onions from India can also help to reduce the environmental impact of onion production. Indian onions are often lower in sulfur, which can help to improve air quality. Additionally, Indian onions are often smaller than those found in other countries, which can reduce the amount of land needed to produce a given amount of onions.

Onions are also a valuable commodity, and they are frequently in high demand overseas. This means that importing onions from India is a good way to ensure that you have a reliable supply of this valuable commodity.

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